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Is this course up to date?

Learndocker.online is currently ummaintained and there are a few things that have changed since I updated the content.

That being said, 98% of what you will learn is still applicable as the underlying technology and patterns stayed the same!

What has changed since I made this course:

Some of the things you won’t learn in this course:

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Why Learn Docker?

You want to work on making your app awesome, not messing with infrastructure… but every time someone joins your team, you need to spend 2 days installing stuff, no one has the same versions, and you get a call at 10pm and have to spend the next 17 hours debugging your server because someone ‘upgraded’ a dependency.

Docker can make that go away.

Add to that easy deploys, easy scaling, load balancing, app inter-op, and all the little features you’ll need for your growing company, and you have a winner.

But here’s the thing: to get rid of all that pain you’re feeling, you have to go actually learn Docker. Which can be intimidating.

That’s why we made LearnDocker.online. It’s the easiest way to go from zero to docker master, all in four simple courses.

Yes, I want (mostly) painless OPs!

What Will I Learn?

  • What Docker is and how containers work. Learning this will allow you to overcome many challenges and obstacles when it comes to managing your applications and infrastructure.
  • Where containers shine, how to use them efficiently in real world applications to simplify your environments.
  • How to integrate Docker and containers into your development workflow.
  • How to make use of Docker in every step in the lifecycle of your applications: From development over deployment to running and debugging them.
  • How to implement sophisticated solutions for a containerized infrastructure including the integration of systems for continuous integration, monitoring and logging.
  • Best practices and common patterns and processes around dealing with containers.
  • And more! Click here to see the full table of contents.
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What Can I Expect During The Course?

  • Almost 300 videos with over 11 hours of content. There is PLENTY to learn!
  • Easy to follow examples that make sense
  • Assignments: Apply what you learn in carefully crafted exercises that you will complete on your own
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